• Eastlinden at PATINEX
  • Date:2014-07-18 Source:东方灵盾
      PATINEX (PATent INformation EXpo) is an annual conference and exhibition event which brings together IP specialists, public and private organizations, research institutes and corporations around the world. PATINEX was first held in 2005 to meet the increasing interest in and need for IP information in Korea and has grown to become the sole international IP event in the country. The theme in 2015 is ‘IP Knowledge Beyond Borders’ and over 600 participants, such as officers, lawyers, professors and IP service agency representatives, attended this conference. 

       Enterprises and institutions in this exhibition are WIPs, kipi, Thomson Reuters, WIPO (IP5), LexisNexis, IPTIZEN, WORLCON, MARKPRO, SYSTRAN, WISDOMAIN. This is the first time Eastlinden participants as the only one Chinese private enterprise in this exhibition.
       Considering the particularity of Korean marketing, this time we focused on promoting the world's traditional drug patent database (WTM) and Lindenpat which are two mature products made by Eastlinden. To some extent, the dependence on traditional medicine for Korean people is more intense than Chinese. At the same time, investment in research and development on Universities, medicine research institutes and hospitals are also tremendous. So WTM has attracted many participants to inquiry. Some companies want to have the opportunity to be the agent of WTM in South Korea area. At the same time, some participants admired on the lindenpat's search speed and the ability to analyze.
       In short, as China's neighbors, relying on the good relationship between the two countries, South Korea has a very close cooperation with china in the trade and economic development. Patent and intellectual property will play a more prominent role in the bilateral trade and commerce. The market in South Korean cannot be ignored.
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