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Hello everyone! Welcome to Eastlinden website.

Information, especially patent information, is the most important strategic resources in the era of knowledge economy. China just stepped into global economic stage and will compete with the world’s best foreign companies. We not only need to have patent information resources, but also need to utilize the information effectively and transform it into productive forces in order to strengthen ourselves.

If we want to provide service for science and technology innovation and strategic research, paying more attention to the patent strategy analysis and using patent information effectively will be the best way to achieve that. It also an easy road to develop China’s economic and science comprehensive strength.

        Eastlinden provides the high quality of the patent information database, patent information retrieval, analysis system and innovative information consulting services. The purpose is to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and to promote the perfection and development of the intellectual property system in china.

Liu, Yanhuai   Chairwoman of the board


-Director of search and retrieval service center of China Patent Office
-Director of the data processing Department of the State Intellectual Property Office patent search and Consulting Center
-Director of R&D Center for intellectual property rights of the State Intellectual Property Office


-Thirty years working experience in patent information
-Chinese depth patent databases indexing construction initiator and organizer
-leading to complete the world traditional medicine database which has the advanced international standard and independent intellectual property rights


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